‘Mad Moon Mia’: Riot on Monday Morning!

Mad Moon Mia

Mia Von Glitz?  Yeah you got it!  She’s nothing you’ve heard in a LONG TIME! From a town in NY and then down to Alabama at age 10.  This girl’s got Urban/Country, Rock & Roll soul!  You’re gonna love her.

Mia is the lead vocalist of Mad Moon Riotbassist of Guns N Hoses, and heiress to Bowery Presents (…and Glee star Darren Criss main squeeze). 

As part of a new album that just released, you can download on the Bruno Mars Gorilla cover sung by Mia.  It’ll be a great holiday gift for a great cause. All proceeds go to Adopt The Arts, a non-profit run by Matt Sorum (Guns N Roses) that funds art programs in Los Angeles public schools.

One response to “‘Mad Moon Mia’: Riot on Monday Morning!”

  1. Lanney Avatar

    She doesn’t really bring anything new to rock and roll. Even through all of that auto tone you can tell she lacks the voice of being a front woman.


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