These Russian Dolls Have Teamed Up with Graffiti Artists

Kuili Alma

‘Babushkas’, otherwise known as Russian Dolls, are no longer restricted to dusty ornaments adorning your grandmother’s mantel place.

Tel Aviv’s first ever Russian Dolls art exhibition, featuring works by more than 60 street and graffiti artists from around the world, is set to open on November 14-21, 2014.

Sponsored by Kuli Alma, Tel Aviv’s newest nightlife haunt and cultural institution, the exhibition will bring together more than 60 artists from Israel and around the world in a stunning display of exclusive works and custom designed Russian dolls, as well as street art murals, wooden sculptures and tattoo designs.

Kuli Alma

The International Babushka Exhibition will include artworks and design pieces by internationally lauded artists COF (Argentina), Kreal (Russia), DemiaConcept (Spain), Koz Doz (Venezuela), Bird (Belgium) and Papy TSF (France), as well as Israeli artists Boaz Sides Untay, Ambi Plazma, and Pipeled, among others, in Kuli Alma’s newly opened cylindrical gallery space located within the bar’s open-air courtyard.

The exhibition will open to the public on November 14 with a gala event in which several of the artists will be in attendance, and include DJ sets by Tel Aviv-based musical artists and a special selection of beverages powered by Stoli vodka.

About Kuli Alma
Kuli AlmaKuli Alma first opened its doors in March 2014 on the premise of providing uncompromising art and musical content to a broad range of audiences. The influential cultural hotspot is a must for music enthusiasts arriving in Tel Aviv, and boasts several vibrant, multi-faceted spaces, including a vibing indoor dance bar with state-of-the-art sound system, an art gallery and a film screening room, and centered around a street-art adorning, open-air space replete with visual art projections, within which guests experience a varied selection of DJs on any give night.

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