As we know “Superfood” continues to be THE buzzword of 2014, but what about a superDRINK? There’s a new trend in morning beverages. Dedicated Coffee drinkers are going to want to take note.  You might be leaving behind your ordinary brew very soon!

Misugaru is a unique and healthy, protein-packed powder comprised of black sesame, black bean, black rice, brown rice and barley and is typically mixed into smoothies or other beverages for added nutritional benefits. Misugaru first gained popularity in Korea, where the multigrain powder has been added to foods and drinks for centuries, but is now becoming more widely available across the globe.

South-Korean born coffeehouse, Caffebene, which has constructed its own ‘FTT (Farm to Table)’ system, managing the distribution of coffee from farm to table, was one of the first to introduce the ingredient to America and offers Misugaru in a number of their specialty drinks, including gourmet Misugaru lattes and Misugaru frappes (available in a variety of flavors).

By combining the power of five different grains, customers are able to get their daily energy fix in a natural way AND benefit from the added perks of the omega-3s, fatty acids, protein, fiber and other nutrients found in the Misugaru mix.

Gia On The Move hasn’t tried this yet, but we’re loving that there are local LA locations and some that are on their way in the California area; and lots on the East Coast in New York, Boston and New Jersey! (Click the image below to see if there is one near you.)

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