Nick D & The Believers: The Bang Bang Preview

nick d and the believers bang bang music

Columbus, OH based alternative-pop rockers, Nick D’ & The Believers, are set to drop their brand new EP Bang Bang, later this summer. Bang Bang is a three song EP filled with gritty, synth influenced rock with big drum beats and lyrically driven folk-pop hooks. In their latest effort, the threesome addresses the evolution of relationships while reflecting on political and cultural landscapes in a unique indie pop-rock edge sound.

Nick D’Andrea’s (keys/guitar/lead vocals) decision to form a band came about after a long talk with his uncle during a Dr. Dog show in 2012. The following day, D’Andrea called Joseph Barker (drums/backing vocals) and asked him if he was in for the ride.

With the addition of Kerry Henderson (guitar/backing vox) the band was finally complete, and after their first jam session, the lineup was cemented. Nick D’ & The Believers pride themselves on their “John Lennon Method” for music writing, in which the threesome writes a chorus, then makes it the verse and crafts an even better chorus. Thanks to Barker’s practiced ear for production and arranging, Nick D’ & The Believers achieve a sound uniquely their own.

Their first EP Throwing Stones earned rave reviews, in particular praise of the single Find A Little Love.

With an immense local fanbase and regional news coverage, Nick D’ & The Believers have generated a devoted grassroots fan base in Ohio. During live shows, the band pours their heart and soul into their performance. Their overarching goal during a performance is to engage their audience and invite them into their world.


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