The Bayonets promo posterWhen this arrived in the email box, I had to let out a giggle.  Having been one of the original Little Steven’s (Van Zandt) International Gargage Band Festival Go Go Girls it was a no brainer that this music was making it to Gia On The Move.  Steven has always had great taste a sense of humor and drive when it comes to presenting music.

The Bayonets are throwing a party to thank their fans for such a spectacular year on July 24th at No Vacancy in Hollywood, California.

The party is from 8-10pm and is open to the public, FREE, on a first come, first served basis. There is only enough space for 150 people to watch the set and  no opening act, so the music will start at 8pm sharp. Doors open at 7:30. They will play a 30 minute set featuring brand new songs, followed by Q&A with one of LA’s longest serving beloved DJ’s.

In the bands’ words:

“The reason we do this, the reason this endeavor works at all is because of the power of good independent listeners like you, with the help of brave DJ’s and radio programmers everywhere who are willing to spin something new in hopes of giving and getting that fix we all want:
Some good rock music with a little bit of spice and a whole lotta fun.”

Although they will not be charging admission at the door, they will be accepting donations to a charity they support, called Adopt The Arts which puts real musical instruments into the eager hands of students from inner city schools in Los Angeles. You can help these kids achieve the thrill that only comes from making music with their friends at school.

The Bayonets recently released the title track and single with accompanying video from their debut album Crash Boom Bang!. Little Steven’s Underground Garage premiered the tune, singling it out as a “coolest song in the world” track.

The album will be The Bayonets’ first full-length release, following previous successes with their first three singles, which all reached the Top 10 on the Classic Rock Mediabase radio chart.

The Bayonets’ guitarist and lead vocalist Brian Ray is known worldwide for his musical contributions to the Paul McCartney Band, who continue on a massive arena & stadium tour this summer.

“I’ve been a very lucky man to work alongside Paul McCartney for 12 years now.  Suffice it to say, this perch on which I find myself working with Paul – as well as his generosity of spirit – gives me the space, time, and wherewithal to indulge my wildest sonic dream life in my spare time,“ Brian reflected, “pulling these musical ideas out of the clear blue sky with my friends, so that we can hopefully move people and rock out with them with reckless abandon. For me, rock and roll needs to stay dangerous and fun. I wanted that sense of adventure and camaraderie, and I found it with my good friend and songwriting partner, Oliver Leiber.”

Drummer Oliver Leiber is well known for playing guitar and recording songs for some of the biggest artists in the business, including Rod Stewart, among many others. Speaking of the band, Oliver said, “it grew organically out of a very simple desire on Brian’s and my part to do a musical project that wasn’t trying to be anything. We simply wanted to write songs without judging if they were ‘hits’ or if they would fit into a certain musical radio format. We wanted to write songs that were reflective of who we are as men and artists at this point in our lives. Most of all, we really just wanted to have some fun and rock out! The Bayonets grew out of a desire to get back in touch with the days when I just played music for music’s sake.”

Crash Boom Bang! was mixed by Joe Zook (Katy Perry, OneRepublic, Pink, Faith Hill and others).  The accompanying video was directed by Linda Cevallos-French & Brian French.

The Bayonets are: Brian Ray (of The Paul McCartney Band, Etta James, etc.) – guitar/vocals; Oliver Leiber (Rod Stewart, Aretha Franklin, etc.) – drums; Lucrecia López Sanz (of Argentina’s Nube 9) – guitar/vocals

“We are thrilled to be a part of such a great rock record,” says Robo Records president Rob Christie. “The new single sets the tone for the rest of the album. It has a vintage feel with infectious hooks that will stay with you a lifetime.”

The album will be released summer of 2014 by Robo Records and distributed by Universal Music Distribution.

Photo credit: MJ Kim