Fringe Up HFF14: ‘The Best of CraigsList LIVE’, reviewed

Hollywood Fringe Festival, Gia On The Move

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

It was a total surprise!

A last minute stop over to the Hudson Theatre resulted in 60 of the most outrageous minutes spent at the Hollywood Fringe this year.

Inventive and hilarious beyond proportion, The Best of CraigsList LIVE, an assortment of real posted adds culled from the millions of CraigsList world-wide, and which began as a Funny or Die web show, exposes the insanity, stupidity, lasciviousness and quite possibly dangerous nature of the world’s ultimate ‘hook me up with stuff’, online classifieds.

“Super hero side-kick needed.  Must be available nights and weekends.  Must own your own costume.  It should be complimentary in color. Mine is black.  I have a car but you need to be willing to contribute gas money.  Discretion is a must.  No one must know about your true identity.  You will be wearing tight fitting clothes. Consider this an internship.  There is no pay.  But if you are looking to fight EVIL in all forms send in your resume.”

From the first moment to the last the show is silly, psychotic and shamefully uproarious. Filled with great songs and deftly executed comedy by a seriously committed cast.  It is one of the better LIVE parodies of a new age medium since The Onion hijacked the news.

More could be said, but it would be so much better to experience this show in person.

Run Time:  1 hour

If you miss the shows you can also catch them online by visiting their website:

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