While we’re all a lot more health conscious these days, Jelly Filled donuts sound pretty darn delicious for Sunday mornings or afternoon treats; maybe with a favorite coffee –  iced instead of hot, or your favorite tea.  Either way, I think this is one food holiday that Gia On The Move is going to be celebrating!

Jelly-filled doughnut, or jelly doughnut,is originated from Germany. 

The world largest jelly doughnut is made in 1993 and weighed 1.7 tons!

Did you also know that…

  1. The donut or doughnut is a deep-fried piece of dough or batter. It comes from the Dutch origin of olykoeck or “oily cake”. The two most common types of donuts are the flattened sphere (you know…the ones that are injected with jelly or custard) and the ring donut.
  2.  Internationally, Dunkin’ Donuts (in 2014) had over 1700 locations in 29 countries and over 6,000 stores in 30 countries world-wide! In the U.S. there are over 4,400 locations across 36 states.
  3. Krispy Kreme is probably best known for their fresh, hot, glazed, yeast-raised doughnuts. The company’s “Hot Doughnuts Now” flashing sign is an integral part of the brands appeal and fame.
  4.  Jelly-filled and Chocolate Frosted also rank as their top sellers. Coconut Crunch, although not a number one seller, still remains one of the over 52 varieties of donuts the chain produces on a yearly basis.
  5. Americans consume 10 billion doughnuts annually. It really is too big of a number when you consider that as of 1997, there were 6,792 doughnut shops in the U.S. alone. In 2005, one can only imagine that the number of doughnut shops increased dramatically. Unfortunately, 1997 was the last year that all overall statistics and data is available on this subject. At least up until 2014.