Let’s take a trip…Gia On The Move recently spoke with our friend  Carlton Wilborn who talked about his transformative life course that uses the power of dance for metamorphosis. So we thought this was the one to share.

Yes, it’s personal…and not just because Gia has been experiencing Carlton’s work for many years now (and even got to dance with him – that was a thrill!), but because movement is about growth and change.  Dance is about being in the moment. And ultimately, this moment is all about you.

This summer, from July 24th – 28th, in Kauai, Hawaii, 10 people will have the opportunity to experience their own personal transformation in nature’s classroom through a movement called, Danceformation.

Danceformation is not a word. It’s a concept.

Coined by famed Madonna and former Hubbard Street dancer Carlton Wilborn, now a globally respected life coach and award winning author — a man who is alway “On The Move” (how much do we love that!!!) — Danceformation embodies the POWER OF DANCE.  Through Danceformation, you can awaken to YOUR story and unleash Ultimate Truth…Whoah!  That’s heavy.  Ok, let’s step back a bit.

First Things First  youtube

Let’s get a formal definition…

Danceformation: (noun.) – The body, mind and soul-bending process by which life coach, dancer/choreographer Carlton Wilborn moves a person throughout their “story,” from the first page to the present moment, where they commit to stand Front & Center, ready to face the many stages of their personal journey, powerfully.

Danceformation: (verb.) – Let go. Move into freedom.


Carlton Wilborn DanceformationA technique currently being offered in Los Angeles, to take individuals on a personal life exploration,  Danceformation teaches you to be to be authentic.

It’s a program that Carlton has followed rigorously in his own life.

What’s more, it is suited mostly for non-dancers and avid movers. So you won’t feel at all upset if you can’t throw down eight pirouettes or hip hop jam.  What you’ll learn is how to become “unhinged.”

You can find out more about the movement itself at Carlton website.  Other workshops are also being offered around the world!