Have your dukes up, because Onward, Etc. are hitting the road for a slew of dates across the country, in conjunction with their forthcoming album release, Sonder On, which was released on March 11 via DC-Jam Records. The sophomore release features exclusive cameos from the likes of ex. Social Distortion, Flogging Molly, Larry & His Flask and more, creating a perfect collection of punk infused folk tracks.
76Fresh off the release of their second single, “Crazy Horse,” on American Songwriter, and a full album premiere on Guitar World, frontman Rosco Wuestewald will be joined by fellow travelers, violinist KC Olsen and percussionist Tom Pearson, as they continue their musical travels to every corner of the country, meeting up with friends Flogging Molly along the way. Full tour dates below.
Listening to this band for the first time the resonance was immediate. Unexpected sounds breakthrough to the forefront occasionally giving this music a unique stamp.