Instrumental Killas: Straight Outta Brooklyn

Was it fate or destiny…these kids suddenly popped into the email box.  I love watching talent come up from the very beginning. And heck, they’re kids!  And it’s pretty good listen. Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

Intrumental KIillas are a group of young teens which came together to get out of the streets and start something positive for themselves.

Brought together by Dalila Barreto of Kartel Route Multimedia saw some potential in these kids and thought that they would make it far in the industry if they stay together. Kris Kartel tought them how to be apart of something special to call there own. Which IK was a name thought of by the members collectively, there are three main members of IK which is bryce the poet, young lyrical, and Gsmoove together they form Instrumental killas.

Kris Kartel says these three might be the new age fugee camp with lyrics up to date and the beats banging hard where you have no choice but to move your body or bop your head.


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