Plant-based quick service establishment Terri Restaurant will be giving grub away for free this Thursday, March 20, 2014 | 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. in support of the “Great American Meatout.”

Every year since its introduction in 1985, animal lovers from across the nation have ushered in spring with the “Great American Meatout.” Dubbed the largest annual education campaign for compassionate living, Meatout’s mission is to share with the world the benefits of adopting a plant-based diet and, ideally, a vegan lifestyle. From human health to environmental responsibility, from feeling fitter to abstaining from animal abuse, eschewing animal-derived products is accompanied by countless advantages, both close to home and far reaching.So, with this in mind, Terri Restaurant will pay homage to this internationally recognized day of observance by giving away free food. This Thursday, at their Financial District location only (100 Maiden Lane), guests who mention “meatout” will receive up to $10 worth of complimentary cuisine. This deal is suitable for groups, too. (I.e., bring five friends and together receive $60 worth of free food.)So, why is Terri so eager to foot the tab? 

“Food advocacy has always been a passion of mine,” said Terri co-owner Craig Cochran. “For me, Terri’s role is to make healthy and delicious plant-based superfoods as accessible as traditional fast food. We change hearts and minds, one bite at a time.”Regarding the impact an event like this might have on their bottom line, Terri co-owner Michael Pease had this to say: “Are we taking a business risk in giving our food away? Sure. But, we’re so confident in our product and in people’s experiences when they visit Terri —vegans and omnivores alike — that we know a stunt like this will cultivate repeat patrons and, hopefully, inspire a few new vegans.”

The Great American Meatout is coordinated by the D.C.-based nonprofit Farm Animal Rights Movement (F.A.R.M.). Through outreach events, sampling and word-of-mouth, organizers raise awareness, encouraging individuals to make the pledge to be meat-, dairy- and egg-free for one day, one day a week (i.e., #MeatlessMonday) or every day.

What: Terri FiDi x Meatout – Anyone who mentions “meatout”  placing an in person order gets $10 worth of food for free
Where: 100 Maiden Lane (entrance on Pearl Street), NYC 10038 | 212.742.7901
Why: Because, love

Terri Restaurant can be found on Facebook & Twitter.