St. Patrick’s Day Through Irish Eyes

Through Irish EyesIn honer of Saint Patrick’s Day Glitterati presented a selection of photographs from Through Irish Eyes:   A Visual Companion to Angela McCourt’s Ireland.

Through Irish Eyes adds a visual dimension to the Ireland that so many readers of Angeles Ashes – Frank McCourt’s luminous account of his Limerick childhood – have longed to know better. Photography of Limerick in the 1930s and 1940s offers witness to the Irish ways, its people and customs, its struggles and its small and hard wrought joys, coupled with the words of such Irish writers as Yeats, Morton and Thackeray. (To read more…purchase the book) Click the Soundcloud link below for the music of Jordi Busquets and other Irish tunes.

Through Irish Eyes

Through Irish EyesThrough Irish Eyes

Through Irish Eyes

Through Irish Eyes

One response to “St. Patrick’s Day Through Irish Eyes

  1. The music had me tapping my feet and the photos drew me into the personal journeys of the Irish. Thank you for sharing this special book.


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