naked heart candle by CARRAt what point does the simple commodity of a scented candle become a lifestyle? When George Carr, renowned Texas-born designer, launches his NAKED HEART.

Exclusively for purchase on the NAKED HEART by CARR candle is made in France and upholds everything Carr values about his brand; a discernment for a modernist consumer yearning for the ultimate fresh welcoming environment; expression of constant evolution toward progress from past to present to future; independence; raw emotion; romance.

Right out of the box this parfumed bougie is potent yet fresh sans being tainted by fire. Lit, the bouquets of star anise, coriander, cut grass and cardamom slowly infuse a room for a truly clean yet calm, soothing aromatic, experience without the interference of a heavy scent.  It is truly divine and everything it sets out to be. Masculine for the domicile of any man and an intriguing, I daresay beguiling scent for a woman. George Carr describes this product as – an expression of the fire in your heart burning to connect.  Gia On The Move agrees.  Even if you cannot make this purchase before Valentine’s Day it won’t matter. NAKED HEART is a seamless addition for any curated home and a MUST HAVE for every day of the year.  Also an exceptional accoutrement for at home spa.

The upsides:

  The cost is $55 for a 7.05oz size.  It lasts approximately 50 hours.

Ifs and Buts:

            There is no description of ingredients on the packaging. So we cannot be sure of its processing.  But don’t let that deter you. Gia experienced no smokey residue or allergic reactions to this product. It’s is a winner.