Bobby Alt Presents SIN*ATRA: A Man & His Music

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

There was something about his surliness, his ‘it’s all about me’ attitude, his ‘I’m not here to entertain you, I’m just here so pay attention!’ temper that drove Bobby Alt’s Sin*Atra Viper Room January performance to a notch above.

Sin*Atra‘s draw is not it’s ode to the late Frank but a more raw manipulation of his smooth Jazz, Swing, Pop standards into frenzied hard core heavy metal anthems.

Lauren Baird
Singer/Songwriter Lauren Baird of ‘Electric Valentine’
Photo by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

What I heard in lead singer Bobby Alt (one of the founding members of Street Drum Corp*) for this performance, and the band as they banged out their musical showdown was a hard edged crooner backed up by high energy, heavy drum and percussion thanks to (one time Motley Crew) drummer Frank Zummo, who was not to be outdone.

The crowd felt the love and gave it back 100%.  I was blown away by the talent on the stage. 

Best live performance to start the year off!

Added Treat of the Evening:

Singer/Songwriter Lauren Baird of Electric Valentine topped this performance with her rendition of Nancy Sinatra’s Boots. The lady was fierce!

(What they didn’t know is that I’d actually performed with Nancy Sinatra years ago live at the very first Little Steven’s [Steven Van Sandt] International Garage Band Festival on Randall’s Island in New York. So I’ve got first hand experience with this number. But honestly, if I had to compare the two, I’d say Lauren could easily give Nancy a run for her money.

*Street Drum Corps formed in Los Angeles in 2004 and performs on musical tours, performing art centers, festivals, theme parks, sporting events, fairs, cruise ships, military bases, private parties, schools and colleges. Founding members Bobby Alt, Adam Alt and Frank Zummo had a vision to create something unique and unseen in the percussion world. Today SDC has grown into a world renowned, global movement with honorary members such as Tommy Lee, Adrian Young, Shannon Leto, Rob Bourdon, Jeremy Piven, Chad Smith, Matt Sorum, Stephen Perkins, Jose Pasillas, Deryck Whibley, Bert McCracken, Shannon Larkin, Greg Hetson, Roy Mayorga, Hunter Burgan, Jack Irons and more.

The Viper Room Los Angeles
Photo by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move


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  1. midge Guerrera Avatar

    I was sitting in my office coping with the drudgery of bookkeeping by bopping to Sinatra, Martin and Davis Jr. When I read your review, I wished I could have transported myself to LA for what sounds like a fabulous session.


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