LA’s First Aphrodisiac Pop Up Restaurant

Skip tradition. Add a bit of titillation to your Valentine’s Day.

How does a fusion of continental, new world, and Asian Twenty-first century, innovative, high-end comfort food with cosmopolitan flavors and presentations, all prepared with aphrodisiac ingredients to heighten your experience, sound to you?

This year, Los Angeles based Chef and Aphrodisiac Expert, Jeff Torin, is offering something LA has never seen before – an aphrodisiac pop-up restaurant for Valentine’s Day.

PDA Aphrodisiac will be transforming Lucy’s 51 in Toluca Lake into the most romantic, tantalizing dining experience LA has ever seen. This aphrodisiac culinary experience is comprised of a 17-course tasting menu designed to enhance your performance and heighten the senses.

The first question that likely comes to mind is, “What makes this an aphrodisiac?”

Chef Torin explains, “Each dish includes often overlooked or underestimated ingredients that have been found to contain a variety of sexual performance enhancing properties that produce increased blood flow, heightened nerve ending sensitivity, improved stamina, intensified pheromones, and/or increase sexual appetite. While ingredients such as figs push higher levels of O2 into the blood, and spicy chilies use capsaicin to increase nerve ending sensitivity, others stimulate the senses through smells and taste like licorice, fresh herbs, and vanilla. By combining the sciences of biology, psychology, and nutrition, we can create a delicious culinary outlet to assist in sexual well-being and performance.”

This one-night affair offers only two seating times, 7pm and 9pm.

Adventurous foodies should book their reservations in advance.


PDA Catering Valentine's Day

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