media03-72dpiGia On The Move received this yesterday and simply went WILD over it! A definitive #WhatsHotNow for guys.  We are giving Mantry (Food Subscriptions For Men) the Official Gia Stamp!

An American Artisan Food-of-the-Month Club based in New York, NY, absolutely dedicated to men, their tastes, their cooking habits and everything a guy could want for a custom man cave kitchen.

02Ladies you will want to listen up — this may be the ultimate Valentine’s gift – after all didn’t your mother ever tell you that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?

They’re talkin: Barbecue Sauce crafted in the backwoods of Alabama, Award Winning Bison Jerkey from the foothills of Montana, Birch Syrup harvested in Alaska, and Hot Cake Mix stone ground in Nebraska.  They scour America to hook you up with the best food and drink.  It all arrives in a crate handmade in America. A subscription only costs $75 per month.18