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It’s football season and you’re finally hanging out with the guys for a Sunday Night game. What should you wear to score points with the fanatic crowd?  Yes, you’re a girl. But there’s no way you’ll be interrupting a perfect touchdown by prancing around in your girliest gear. Your getting a feeling that hulking it up on the couch with the boys could be an option, but probably not your best. And the thought of body slamming at the local bar over wings and beer,  in an oversized team jersey isn’t quite your style either.

If you’re longing for a bit of middle ground, maybe it’s time to break out some comfy chic instead. Think sporty pieces like Peace Love World’s I Love Sunday V-Neck Tee, topped with classic duck boots, trendy puffer jackets and some relaxed jeans.

The I Love Sundays Pima V-Neck Tee is super soft made with premium cotton. Once you slip it on, you’ll discover its fan-favorite unisex fit and adore the details like “I love Sundays” printed across the front. And while Sunday only comes once a week, you’ll love this T all year round even after the season ends.

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