kittFollowing her widely celebrated collaboration with American Apparel, the artist KESH introduces the next chapter of her work entitled PROJECT KITT. Here’s a look at the first installment, Dark Days as well the second piece which debuted on November 8th, entitled Speak.

In September 2013, KESH took down her studio, THE CAVE, in downtown Los Angeles and relocated to the Redwoods of Northern California to disconnect and ultimately reconnect stronger than ever. The result was an artist left with a singular question: “What are we worshipping?”

PROJECT KITT, the second chapter of KESH, is an exploration of the effects of mass media on the human mind; a combination of visuals and sound that offer the questions:




A set of online video installments will lead to the debut of a one-night-only exhibition, featuring ten large scale pieces and an installation of the videos KESH produced for an immersive experience. This event will take place during Miami Art Basel 2013. Experimenting with video and sound, KESH has created a collection of emotionally-driven installments that will lead to her second independent exhibition coinciding with Miami Art Basel next month.


KESH began her journey as an artist in her childhood bedroom in the small airport town of Crawley, England. Utilizing the internet to gain a loyal audience with her digital artwork, she began selling her recognizable images on apparel products to buyers across the world. At age 17, KESH packed up and moved to London to establish herself as a visionary in a growing digital era. She worked for several years in various creative fields, including projects such as designing a collection for Topman’s MAN show of LONDON FASHION WEEK, creating the first custom Hennessy bottle and releasing a series of public prints that sold out worldwide.

KESH did her first independent show last year in LA titled ME.ME.ME: Showcasing her signature black and white aesthetic inspired by self-exploration and evolution. 

KESH then partnered with American Apparel to apply aspects of her artwork to a capsule collection, the first of its kind, that would bring her signature aesthetic to a large and growing fan base of over 100,000 people worldwide. American Apparel released the line in the summer of 2013 to a cult following across flagship stores in international cities including Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Montreal, and Berlin. A tour followed throughout selected cities where hundreds of fans gathered to meet the artist and have the apparel signed personally.

Bringing us up to current day KESH enters a new chapter where she openly questions the direction of popular culture.