Superman (2012), 30x30" Oil on Canvas
Superman (2012), 30×30″ Oil on Canvas

Stephen Ibbott exhibited works from his still life series at the 2nd Annual Gallery House Exhibition “Truth, Light & Matter”. This show also included works by Ray Caesar, Joe Fenton, Gottfried Helnwein, Anita Kunz & Brian Richer.

Stephen Ibbotts still life series takes a new look at the still life genre, combining flat graphic areas with more realistically rendered things. Along with the traditional elements such as oranges and apples, etc., Ibbott aims to bring together various cultural artifacts and collectibles from throughout history. Often these are actually mass-produced reproductions or multiples, which can be found on eBay – like a statuette of Michelangelo’s David or a Tin Tin figurine. In the background, Ibbott will often hang a famous painting or a poster of one. As with much of his work, he like to suggest a narrative, but they are often kept intentionally vague and open to interpretation.