Filling bellies not bins.  

Disco Soup


On September 20, 2013 at Pier 57 (Super Pier, 15th Street and Westside Highway), from 5pm – 9pm, over 200 volunteers and members of the public will come together to wash, peel, chop and cook fresh but unwanted fruit and vegetables that would otherwise have been discarded and wasted: blemished tomatoes, super-sized watermelons, surplus squash and other top quality produce (more than 1200 kgs of food in all).


As a treat Chef Paul Gerard will also be preparing canapes made from pig head terrine and surplus pitta bread sourced by the Feeding the 5,000 team, to the 250 attendees of the Food Waste Free NYC debate organized by Gia On The Move’s favorite ladies at Food Tank alongside a groceries giveaway.Feeding the 5000 will be the first Disco Soup in the United States, a totally fun, one-day NYC along with “Chopping Disco” event dealing with a serious food waste problem. The meal will be prepared to music provided by DJs, encouraging a dance celebration while teams work to create the “Disco Soup” and “Disco Salad”, will offer free meals for hundreds. The food surplus will be donated To The Food Bank for New York City and redistributed as part of the campaign to fight food waste.

Disco Salad

In preparation for feeding the public, Society of St. Andrew, New Jersey Farmers Against Hunger and the Feeding the 5000 team will be gleaning at farms around New York and New Jersey, salvaging fruit and vegetables left on the field due to failing retailer’s strict cosmetic standards or overproduction.  The effort will be directed by Feeding the 5000 Founder, Tristram Stuart, winner of the international environmental award, The Sophie Prize 2011, for his fight against food waste. Culinary partner, Paul Gerard, Chef and Owner of Exchange Alley in New York, will also participate in the gleaning efforts and manage food service and menu development.

Feeding the 5000 works globally in partnership with the UN Environment Programme’s (UNEP), Think.Eat.Save Reduce your Foodprint campaign. In addition to the fruit and vegetables used at the Disco Soup event, Feeding the 5,000 will be holding a groceries giveaway at UNEP’s Champions of the Earth Awards Ceremony and Global Compact events on September 18 and September 19.

Other event partners include Slow Food NYCNatural Gourmet Institute, Sustainable America and Food Recovery Network.

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