The Knitting FactoryMusic and entertainment brand Knitting Factory Entertainment (KFE) is back at Project Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas today August 19-­‐ 21st, the third appearance at Project, since June.

Look for Knitting Factory Entertainment in Booth 21114—and they shouldn’t be hard to find as this year’s booth will be twice the size as KFE’s 2012 Project setup.

KFE’s global entertainment lifestyle collection launched in January 2012. The KFE collection boasts unique and original pieces in many categories including apparel, accessories and leather goods with an eye on footwear, headwear, electronics and skate decks. Inspired by the brand’s heritage of creating uniquely American collections, it features homegrown collaborations and pieces made in the United States and Europe. At this year’s Project, KFE will be unveiling new tee, hoodie and bag designs. They will also introduce apparel with venue-­‐specific designs available for purchase at the KFE concert houses’ newly created retail spaces.

brooklynThis year, the brand is expanding The Knit Collection. With a nod—and a wink—to New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority, the KF Brooklyn Metro Tee, the debut item in the Knitting Factory Entertainment lifestyle collection, brings style, quality and social consciousness together in what looks and feels like a favorite old concert t-­‐shirt. KFE proudly offers this 100% American Made, organic cotton tee with sustainable design and manufacturing from field to printing. This season, KFE has supplemented the Metro Tee with four new SKU’s including Black Heart Procession; Cops; Gazer and Fela (bearing the face of Afrobeat musician Fela Kuti, which KFE launched as a household brand last season. As producers of the eponymous Tony Award-­‐winning Broadway show Fela!, KFE will be displaying items from his collection of album artwork, show graphics and more.

“Knitting Factory already has deals to produce apparel—tees, accessories and novelty products— featuring incredible imagery from iconic shows held at Knitting Factory venues.”

The collection is rolling out at newly designed retail spaces within Knitting Factory Concert Houses in Brooklyn, Boise, Spokane and Reno, as well as at at retailers across the globe including boutiques in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Asia, Europe and Australia.

KFE has continued to build on previous agreements in place for accessories and US-­made apparel with the likes of Groceries Apparel and Ecoteka, as well as expanding the KFE brand by signing on French clothing and accessories company Kothai, slated to roll out a line of leather accessories in Europe including bags, wallets and iPad cases, t-­‐shirts and other apparel. New licensee Atlanta-­‐based fashion and apparel company Fallen Arrows.