If you haven’t been following the news, i.e. are some sort of troll (and yes I said that), there has been a direct attack on Caroline Criado-Perez a 28-year-old U.K. feminist activist and freelance journalist (above, far right), who successfully campaigned to make sure one non-royal woman would be featured on the redesigned British banknotes, the celebrated, much loved, 19th century, female writer, Jane Austen.

Everyone that I knew who read it thought, “cool.” And that should have been it.

Apparently, however,  there were a lot of men out there who didn’t think so. And what is truly stunning is that because of this one small act, Ms. Criado-Perez subsequently began receiving death and rape threats about every minute for the next 48 hours.

Tomorrow, August 4th, 2013 is National Friendship Day.

To celebrate that, Gia On The Move has decided to stand in solidarity with Caroline as a woman; a woman with a public voice and a woman who has the strength to stand up and speak, and who is being attacked along with all women who share her purpose of living with dignity.

Will you please consider joining and not tweeting tomorrow all day until after midnight except for the hashtag #TwitterSilence?

(Or if you feel you must, maybe take a cue from Catilin Moran who suggests that you just be super positive and nothing else.)

The original goal of the boycott: (directly taken from the article written by KAT STOEFFEL @ The Cut)
A “Report Abuse” button, conveniently located on a Twitter user’s page, that alerts the social network to users who violate its rules by threatening to rape and kill people, according to a Change.org petition that’s been signed by more than 120,000 people.

Did they get it?
They wanted it like a week ago. They got it Monday.

So then why is the protest still happening?
In short, the cynicism of all the smart-aleck, overwhelmingly male tech commentators saying a “report abuse” button is less important than the freedom of speech, and that rape threats are an inevitable form of speech, and women should just deal with it, block people, “not feed the trolls,” etc. Or so says Caitlin Moran, author of How to Be a Woman, and another prominent supporter of Criado-Perez.

And just because of the obvious:  It’s National Friendship Day!

Below is a video about the hot debate going on in England also taken directly from Kat’s article featuring Stella Creasy, MP who is also currently under attack.  I watched it.  It’s pretty serious stuff.  You might want to at least check it out. I hope you will.