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According to the Saturday Evening Post, barbecuing isn’t just about cooking.  It’s a primal connection to family, joy, love; tending the fire, smoke, roasting the meats and vegetables, then divvying it all up with one’s clan.

Gia On the Move was asked to share the link to their article.  But we loved this so much, we’re sharing the video right up front, of tips and tricks (including some recipes below) by the Saturday Evening Post editors, advertisers, web developers and rest of the staff who got together to make your Summer extra tasty!

You’ll want to read the full story of course as the July/August 2013 issue covers:

  • The differences between barbecuing (indirect grilling)direct grilling, and two-zone direct grilling
  • Steven Raichlen’s, author of The Barbecue! Bible, three-day grilling workshop in Sulpher Springs, WV
  • Grilling tips from Post staffers
  • Six essential rules of open-fire cooking

Plus, the Best of Barbecue from Emeril Lagasse, Curtis Stone, and Barton Seaver.

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