#Hashtagby Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move


The disintegration of a relationship.  Is that really entertaining?  One could suppose, maybe in theory. In real life, well, you can always #hashtag it…and suck it baby!  What an introduction to the world of Twitter.  Of course most of us already know what that’s like.  But #Hashtag did its best to take the concept a bit further by embroiling us in the world of utter detachment, generously brought to us by today’s all powerful Millennial Generation. Audiences  are encouraged to continuously tweet, photograph, iPad-ograph and share their videos via Vine throughout the show (which I did until my phone died — of course!) But honestly after the initial impact of the #novelty the bubble bursts with this show and slowly loses air taking a slow downturn as does the main character’s relationships.  “Dude, maybe it’s time to take a pause and get your head out of your phone!  You’ve just lost your girlfriend, your best friend, the interest of the girl you’ve been chexting (sex cheating texting), even your brother doesn’t want to be around you anymore!”  What’s the message here?  Does anyone really know how to have a real relationship? And if you don’t, you’d better figure it out.  Because…only the lonely can play.  #Hashtag is a must see at the Hollywood Fringe, just for the message.  Although, not too deep or revealing, it is entertaining and fun. Definitely worth the hour spent in the theatre.  And don’t forget to #Hashtag it! #LAthtr #hff13  @HollywoodFringe @theatreasylum