Isn’t She Lovely? Jus D’Amour

Jus D'Amour parfume

summer love

Summer is here and all you can think of is Romance!  Why not?  Sure…Summer sports, festivals, music and barbecues…but what about the simple things?  Holding hands, frolicking on the sand, sitting close on a park bench, or on a fuzzy blanket stargazing the night sky?  Warm weather is prime time for smiles, giggles, sparkles and feeling lovely.

Literally translated as the water of love, Jus D’Amour is the essence of timeless, romance.  A blend of fresh Coco Palm and Aqualeaf Accord, Gentle Violet, Night Blooming Jasmine, Rich Tahitian Vanilla and Deep Sandalwood.

The first time wearing this  fragrance, even solicited a “That smells really nice!” from my brother.  It’s been a head-turner ever since.  And I  admit, I feel particularly gorgeous wearing it.

Jus D'Amour 2Gia On The Move Favorite things about this scent:

  1. Features a “roll on” applicator. No drips, spills or accidental sprays.
  2. Small enough to carry in a purse for touch ups.
  3. Strong enough to leave a hint of temptation wafting in the air as you pass by
  4. Subtle enough to not knock a guy out before he asks you on date!
  5. There are other scents too… Sassy for when you’re feeling much more flirtatious and Legend for men.

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