Never Lose A Sock Again!

laundry basket of mens socksLose a sock lately?  Got holes?  Put old socks on or chuck them out?

Possibly the ultimate questions for males everywhere when it comes to their feet. Come on guys, admit it.  We know you SAY you don’t care which one matches which, or how long you’ve had them.  But we know you sometimes DO “sweat it” on defining fashion moments and important events  when your devil may care attitude isn’t cutting it. Secretly, you wish for the ultimate fashion fulfillment fantasy (that doesn’t include your mother screaming, Oh my G-D! as she sifts through your personal stuff against your will on one of those annoying unexpected visits), where you’d never have to think about the little stuff EVER AGAIN!

fashion_whats_hot.Gia On The MoveA sockscription from Blacksocks is your magical Genii.

Founded by Swiss entrepreneur, Samy Liechti, who had his own sock problems when he was a young ad executive trying to make an impression (he had to remove his shoes at a Japanese tea ceremony – let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty). So he created Blacksocks to alleviate sock sorting, sock searching and sock shopping for busy, on-the-go, tech savvy men. A sock subscription is the ultimate time saver – doorstep delivery of luxury PIMA cotton socks in black, grey, navy and brown, 3 times a year, with complimentary shipping. You select the style, quantity and frequency. And Presto!  You’ve got socks.

Sockscription by BlacksocksThe average subscription costs $89 a year. Right now they’re offering a spring season special in three styles:  classic calf socks, knee length and business light, available for shoe sizes 5 to 11-1/2.

For guys who want to dress their toes in Emeralds, Blacksocks just debuted its spring color, emerald green, which also has been named the 2013 color of the year by Pantone (number 17-5641).

Blacksocks has over 60,000 subscribers in over 75 countries. Additional information can be found on the website. The innovative “sockscription” service also carries fine undershirts, boxer shorts and briefs, and dress shirts all available via online subscription.