Pale Cloudby Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move~

There’s no turning back the tide.  The Pale Cloud featured styles at the Vogue bambini show held during the 2013 New York Kids Fashion Week (I didn’t even know there was a fashion week for kids!) has now proved once and for all that trend is for everyone at every age and child star fashion fantasy fulfillment is not merely subject to baby beauty pageants anymore.  I decided to post this because personally, I find it a bit controversial.  In this sort of venue we are in the realm of sophisticated adulthood ideals and shopping… and yet none of these little girls “strutting down the runway” could be more than age 10.  Not being a parent, I wondered if this was a Mommy and Me moment or has the perfection of style now become part of our independence and awareness of ourselves at the youngest of ages.  The Autumn/Winter collection is nevertheless beautifully tailored and elegant, so right for darling little “ladies” (sans heavy cosmetics), and everyone in attendance including the girls seems to love the petite Parade of Children’s Daily Couture.