Waikoko Coconut Waterby Tracey Paleo, Gia On the Move

Re-hydrating with the ancient sports drink of the Pacific Islands, felt gentler, friendlier, more soothing somehow… Slowly sipping Waikoko, while staring out at the wild, WILD waves, salt in my nostrils as seals and seagulls, dolphins and pelicans danced in view…

Legend has it that Polynesians were guided by the Heavens to navigate the vast expanses of the oceans which often resulted in travelling thousands of miles.  To keep in peak physical and mental condition, they drank a local fruit juice – coconut water.

Today, beverage brand Waikoko brings to you the journey of a thousand years via a water that sustained a native people.  Another one of the featured products at the 2013 Natural Foods Expo West, Waikoko Coconut Water has essential electrolytes, potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium and phosphorus.

small-two-thumbs-upFrom Aloha to Aloha the taste was “sun-kissed” and as deliciously delicate as a soft island breeze without heavy sweetness or aftertaste. Totally refreshing and no bells & whistles. Just pure taste and well wishes.

Gia On The Move gives this brand a seriously well earned two thumbs up — mostly cause we only have two or we’d give it more!  A must buy and must try.tropical-flower-with-coconut-drink-hi