On: A visual symphony from the Land of the Rising Sun


by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Marumiyan Photoshop Tutorial

This past week stock photography site Fotolia presented Japanese artist, Marumiyan, Season 2’s 4th featured artist from the TEN Collection.

It is a graphic symphonic masterpiece intended to visually display the power of sound.

“I love painting sounds,” says the Marumiyan, referring to the influence music has had on his life and work.

Marumiyan’s work is usually characterized through brightly colored compositions, often enhanced with women, animals and flowers. In contrast however, his work for the TEN Collection is somewhat darker, and full of cultural references that pay homage to what inspires him most: sound and music. Bonsai branches are adorned with meaningful items, while the image is enhanced through shadows with red and black notes.

I was so enthralled with the intricacy and artistry that I decided to reprint the email and also feature the video on how the artist created this design in Photoshop.  It’s in Japanese but there are sub titles.  Click on the image for the tutorial and Marumiyan’s process.


Click the 10 logo on the page:

Fotolia TEN Collection






Then click the Download the PSD icon to take you to the video with English titles.

Fotolia TEN Collection You’ll also have the opportunity to browse other images and interviews.