Explosions At 117th Boston Marathon

Reading online and then watching the footage today of the horrific event that took place in downtown Boston, which happens to be my hometown, was really shocking.  As far as I know, I myself am fortunate enough to be able to say, that I lost no one, and no person from my own family or set of friends was harmed.  Others were not lucky — the little 8 year old boy, who was waiting to give his runner dad a hug at the finish line when the Boston Marathon bombings killed him.

So I’ve decided not to post on April 16th.  I just want to be silent.

Although my heart is filled with fire at this moment, I will offer up a prayer instead.

We’ve been crying all day in my house.  This should have been a day of triumph and celebration instead of tragedy.

After living through 9-11 while in New York City for many years, I thought I would be prepared for anything, emotionally.  I was not.

Above is a photograph from photographer John Tlumacki, a 30 year veteran with The Boston Globe.  John happened to be on the scene as the explosions fired off and captured nearly everything.  He later gave a first hand account (interview) which can be viewed by visiting the Time Lightbox Blog.  Some of the photos are graphic.

prayers for Boston