the lords lover theater review

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Juliet Annarino in The Lord's Lover


Seated at a small club table in the dark, inserted me right back into my early New York City gritty, speakeasy days, where live, storytelling was outlandish, the sky being the limit to an open imagination.

This time around was no different, except that The Lord’s Lover was in the room. Filling the space with its soulful sound, erotic, David Lynch like noir, blinking art and raw, beautiful burlesque, the Mad Hatter gathered all his wisdom and biting truth together to tell an awful satire about love and God, inspired by ancient myth.

The Lord’s Lover expressed the purely evocative through a gamut of lust, fantasy, shame, sourness, stasis and sarcasm.  The devices of parody were curious and often had a carnival-like effect.  But above all, this one performance, unlike any other, as I have not seen another of its kind in recent days, offered a wise fool’s impact.

A convoluted rondeau that involved text, poetry, live musical interludes and multi-media appealed purely to the senses.  But then, they weren’t aiming to tell a linear tale; a benefit to the cast and a satisfying release for an audience who needed more than just theatre.  This was theme driven high drama!

I honestly thought I was in for a “friendly, dirty comedy.”  I was if fact astounded to be “falling down the rabbit hole” of often peak, perceptive wit, engulfed in a sort of theatre in the round, which used the entire second floor of Los Globos to engage its audiences.

There were a few dry spots in the purely spoken dialog.  But this experience was well worth the ride and the ticket, I might add.  The Lord’s Lover is written and directed as well as all music and lyrics written by Juliet Annerino goddess supreme of the Torch Ensemble and strongly supported by a troupe of unique players: Jim Bolt, Tori Amoscato, Ruben Maldonado, Rebecca Diamond, James Maverick, Stream Gardner, Skip Pipo, Ruman Kazi, Andrey Priadkin, Robert Walters and Morgan Schutte.

The musicians of the performance were a knock out!: Juliet Annerino, Vox; Jimmy Williams, guitar; Reggie Carson, bass; Tori Amoscato, vox harmony; Clinton Cameron, drums; Blaine McGurty, keyboards.

And kudos to special effects, video, make up sound, lighting, costumes, etc. for an effective blending of artistries that created all of the special for this event.

Whether it comes and goes, stays or makes a comeback, The Lords Lover leaves an indelible mark in the mind, body and soul.  Who knows what will surface next.

“The truth? The truth has set them free.  I let them go! Their on their own now. Cruel. Cruel! ” ~God

Artfully, sexy, colorfully bizarre and just a little wicked!



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