In anticipation of opening Macbeth as the centerpiece of their summer season, Independent Shakespeare Co. will be exploring Shakespeare’s complex tale of inappropriate desire and dire consequences in the Independent Studio.

Trying out new ideas throughout the workshop style run, at each performance you’ll be invited you to share your thoughts and impressions, including an interactive art installation: The Nightmare Floor.

You’ll be able to share  your darkest dreams by writing them on the stage before the performance. Your fears will be the very ground they will be walking on.

After the show, there will be a discussion about the play while you enjoy the night’s signature cocktail, a cup of Witch’s Brew.

The performance features Luis Galindo as Macbeth…and plenty of blood!

April 13 – May 12
Saturdays & Sundays at 5:00


With: Richard Azurdia*, Benny Briggs, Matt Callahan, Danny Campbell, Melissa Chalsma, Joseph Culliton*, Thomas Ehas*, Luis Galindo*, Aisha Kabia*, Rudy Marquez, André Martin*, Brandon Massey, Erik Mathew*, Ashley Nguyen, Dana Pollak, Sean Pritchett*, Bernadette Sullivan*, Erwin Tuazon, Stage Manager: Laura Rin*, Assistant Stage Manager: Karen Zumsteg, Direction: David Melville

*Member, Actors’ Equity Association.