Battle of the Japan Iron Chef All-Stars: Triumph for Koi Los Angeles

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Executive Chef Robb Lucas was recently named as the winner of “Battle Japan All-Stars” – one of the country’s most legendary, “Iron Chef”-style cooking shows.

In celebration, he will introduce his winning tuna-trio – tuna dishes paired with eccentric ingredients – to the restaurant’s menu as specials for a limited time only.

The  fare that won the hearts of his judges, including Yukio Hattori, “Iron Chef” legend and expert commentator on the Japanese television show (Hattori is also the fifth president of the Hattori Nutrition College) are: the Toro Sushi with pickled watermelon, the Butterscotch Glaze Tuna with a jalapeño cream cheese, and the King Crab Tuna Roll with truffle ponzu habanero.

All will be available beginning this Friday, March 15th exclusively at Koi Los Angeles.

Gia On The Move has been a long time fan and a regular customer since reviewing Koi last year during its 10th anniversary celebration. (Read the review: Koi Los Angeles a 10th anniversary Celebration of Flavor)

So, this will most definitely be personal stop in March for a taste test.  Of course, I’ll still be ordering my favorite Crispy Rice Flight.  Single at the Sushi Bar…they recognize me by my taste-buds…lol!

Butterscotch Glaze Tuna with a Jalapeño Cream Cheese $20

Tuna steak, seared and glazed with butterscotch, sautéed jalapenos finished with a jalapeno cream cheese sauce

Toro Sushi with Pickled Watermelon $20

Toro Sushi topped with thinly sliced pickled watermelon

King Crab Tuna Roll with truffle ponzu habanero $25

King crab wrapped in soy paper topped with tuna and truffle ponzu habanero sauce

About Koi Los Angeles

Koi Los Angeles is the flagship restaurant of Koi Group and has been a staple in the LA dining scene since opening its doors in 2002. Executive Chef Robb Lucas’ imaginative dishes are inspired by traditional Japanese preparations, then deconstructed and infused with modern California accents. The menu includes a variety of savory cooked dishes, traditional sushi and sashimi, as well as creative rolls. Koi’s décor, conceptualized by its own design team, reflects the tenets of feng shui and Zen Buddhism. Each of the four dining rooms are illuminated by candlelight and outfitted in colors that evoke nature’s elements of water, air, fire and earth; multiple fireplaces and waterscapes add to its design. Additionally, the restaurant features a separate lounge, two private dining areas, a sushi bar and three indoor/outdoor patios. Critical raves for Koi Los Angeles have appeared inbon appétit, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, Women’s Wear Daily, among others.

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