Last month, Adweek staff writer,  Noreen O’Leary, wrote about a new set of public ads (actually published in December of 2012) that were so uproarious, they not only made TV Networks  uneasy, but had such an impact, that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg put restrictions on how they could be filmed in the first place.  The outrageous and potentially hazardous subject matter?

The Straight Talk Menstruation Ad That’s Causing Quite a Stir

From Vagina Monologues to Vagina Dialogs!

For National Women’s History Month, Gia On The Move thought it fitting to acknowledge breaking history that women and girls are making by pushing boundaries and talking about a subject that is still taboo for girls even today, to discuss out in the open.  For me it’s more than just a nod to women over the years breaking molds.  It’s a bona fide liberation for the modern age.  Girls “private parts” are NOT dirty! Nor is the word Vagina a dirty word.

Maybe now I won’t have to feel so darn ridiculous hiding “feminine boxes” at the the grocery store check out counter.  Below is the first in the series of ads playing on YouTube.   Click the title above for the full story.


For more information about the sponsors and the educational movement check out Generation Know.