“She’s complex and one of a kind, uniquely cultivated and temptingly sweet.  She’s a rarity, a natural.”

There is a new apple in grocery stores nationwide for the first time in 2013, The Lady Alice Apple.

Lady Alice is a non-GMO product— in fact Mother nature created this one all on its own.

Unlike many others, it started as a chance seedling in the orchards of a farm near Gleed, Washington in 1978 when a grower accidentally cut an apple tree with his farm equipment. Since then, Ranier Fruit (the exclusive supplier of Lady Alice apples) has spent decades cultivating this distinctive, heirloom-like fruit which, like a fine wine – is flavorful and complex, and one that gets better several months after it is picked when the flavor reaches its peak. The Lady Alice® brand apple is named after Alice Zirkle, the co-founder of Rainier Fruit Company in honor of her memory.

This new apple variety possesses several unique and desirable characteristics such as having a distinct pink stripe over a creamy-yellow background, which distinguishes it from other known varieties.

The Lady Alice® brand apple is available in stores coast to coast now through May.

What Gia On The Move LOVES about the Lady Alice ®:

Johnny AppleseedApples have been my favorite fruit since I was a little kid growing up in Boston, fantasizing about Johnny Appleseed running around tossing seeds in his path. Since getting a heads up a couple of weeks ago about the Lady’s arrival, I’ve been eating one for breakfast everyday!  It’s the sweetest, juiciest apple I’ve tried in a long time, not kidding. Crisp, fragrant and delicious the Lady Alice has been beyond taste bud satisfying.  I’m hooked! And I can’t think of any other apple that I’d rather have.

More Info about the Lady Alice below:

“Its delicious sweet bite offers a hint of tartness that lingers on the palate,” said Suzanne Wolter, director of marketing for Rainier.

What consumers really love is Lady Alice’s flavor and cooking qualities. The heirloom-like apple is similar to a fine wine – flavorful and complex. The apples are harvested in the fall, stored and sold to consumers at their flavor peak. They are characterized by a banana-yellow color and sweet, crisp, dense flesh with a hint of tartness.

An excellent choice for snacking, baking and cooking, it is is slow to brown when cut – making it perfect for salads and fruit trays. Its distinctively sturdy flesh helps the apple retain its texture when heated at high temperatures. Just like fresh cherries, the Lady Alice apple has a short season, yielding a limited supply of this delectable fruit.