Peace, Love and Hope Get a ‘Priority’ Home

After 12,000 boxes and counting, FdLM Studio’s little packages of Peace, Love and Hope are getting their very own home – a new virtual domain:  The Priority Boxes Art Project: A Message of Peace and Hope.

They’ve traveled from New Jersey to Argentina to Thailand. They’ve been exhibited in galleries, classrooms and kitchens. Their message has been taught in schools, recreated by community organizations and featured in TV, print and blogs.

From his small New Jersey studio, visual artist Franck de Las Mercedes has delivered Priority Boxes around the globe, to countries in every continent.

With labels that read “Fragile Contains: Peace, Love or Hope”, he sends abstractly painted, seemingly empty boxes to anybody who requests one, anywhere in the world, for free.

The Priority Boxes Art Project is a public art series that seeks to initiate dialogue on peace, challenge people to reconsider their ability to influence change and question the fragility, value and priority given to those concepts.


Each box, sent by mail, is both a canvas for a unique abstract painting and a platform for communication through art. A mixture of art and activism, the boxes convey that something of such priority as peace should not have a price and that art can be both inclusive and accessible to all.

Since its beginning in 2006, the project has been funded by the artist and donations.  It has evolved into a movement that has been embraced by popular culture, the mainstream media, schools and art educators across America.


This is exactly the kind of movement that Gia On The Move really loves.  We’ve already gone ahead and requested a box in the hope that we can help make the message a Priority with its readers!

Need to request a box? Set up a workshop? Have a pic to share? Want to support the project? Visit Peaceboxes at


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