Tom Rubin

by Tracey Paleo Gia On the Move


Old school comedy meets modern methodology.

What intermittently sounds like Andrew Dice Clay, Rodney Dangerfield and George Carlin all wrapped up into one comedian, Tom Rubin Success Guru, premiering at the Santa Monica Playhouse, prevails as the anti-self help sage.

“A satirical roast of hysterical proportions.”

Occasionally flat on the open road of comedic tumble weeds (all jokes cannot be good-maybe) passing through ridicule, mockery, racist references, slightly off the mark caricatures,  and moments of  “I guess you had to be there”, Tom Rubin nevertheless, hits the ground running with an immediate up-sell of his infamous Bullshit Jiu-jitsu, a coaching course that aims at lowering your expectations at your chances of actually becoming a millionaire.

“This guy went to Harvard!” (“Congratulations! It’s all downhill from here.”)

But if you got the references about how New Jersey friendships are handled compared to Los Angeles and weren’t too offended by the butts at LA drug induced depressions versus East Coast Baskin Robbins solutions; if you could withstand the respective men’s and women’s sex advice and why you (guys) won’t get the girl or why you (girls) should just have more sex; if you could bear having your disillusionment of self-empowerment utterly exposed  – then it was a satirical roast of hysterical proportions.  I totally laughed to the point of crying and choking.  And believe me, so will you.  We’ve all been there, done that or at least known a few people who still do.

I guess I’m not making sense, editing in the middle as I am.  But then neither does the idea that when it comes to success, Failure IS An Option.

Inspired by personal experience as a Harvard grad and spending years in entertainment law, the show is designed by Tom Rubin as an audience participation seminar (complete with name tag) who rips apart self-help concepts such as visualization & empowerment (ineffective), bucket lists (why would you do anything that dangerous?), unlocking your full potential (completely counterproductive) and positive thinking (if it really worked you wouldn’t need this seminar!), slashing all pop-psych principles as aggressively as he slashes the price of his course throughout the evening.

“You’d be happier being a masochist.”

It is a unique format that keeps the audience engaged and on their feet with impressive, head-spinning logic. Twisted, utterly funny and totally worth the ticket!

Written by and starring, Tom Rubin. Directed by Rocco Urbisci.


Tom Rubin Success Guru

Now playing every Friday night from January 18-February 22nd @ 8PM

1211 4th Street
Santa Monica, CA. 90401
General Reservations:  323.960.4420
Tickets:  $25.00 General Admission