Hollywood Fringe 2013

The Hollywood Fringe is already gearing up and this year they are opening the doors to Graphic Artists with a first ever Fringe Design Contest!

Already branded by  David Zweig and Gavin Worth, who conceived their original lovable Fringe Freaks they are looking to highlight a new creative artist.  Check out the info below (reprinted from the official Hollywood Fringe Festival site :

Dates of the Contest

You can start submitting your designs for the qualifying round at 99designs.com/people/hollywoodfringe starting Monday, January 28th. To ensure your design is eligible for the final round, make sure we receive your concept by the end of the day on Thursday, January 31st.

What We Want You to Design

Every year, we produce a printed guide of all the shows produced at our festival. This contest is centered around the GUIDE COVER IMAGE; the seminal representation of the 2013 festival.

Here are three guides of years past:

Generally, the cover image includes our mascots – “the freaks”. The five main freaks are included on the cover of the 2012 Guide. The “look” of these freaks can be adapted to fit the your unique aesthetic so feel free to play into your comfort zone (see the links above for examples of previous adaptations).

The winner of this contest is immediately eligible for additional work finishing off the rest of the guide design. See below for more info.

The Big Prize

The winner of the contest will receive $499 and be eligible for another $1000 to finish off the guide, produce the button and create the image for the 2013 Festival Tee. Anyone can participate, they just need to create a (free) account on 99Designs.com.

We’d also adapt the images above to be used as print and online ads.

Other Info

Our team has lots of experience working with designers and we have in-house adobe suite experts, so we won’t be constantly going to you for minor updates.

We are ready to answer your questions, so feel free to communicate at will. Just email us at support@hollywoodfringe.org.

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to your submissions!