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Sprout Watches Valentine’s Contest Starts Today!

Sprout Watches

Sprout’s conflict-free diamond watches add sparkle to any outfit – and this Valentine’s Day, we want to know who (or what) makes your every day shine. Whether it’s a significant other, mom, dog, destination and/or scenery, we invite you to share with us what you love the most and what makes your day sparkle.

Starting today, Thursday, January 31, 2013 and running through Monday, February 11, 2013, you can, ‘Like’ us and upload a photo of a person, place or thing that adds sparkle to your life.

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The Contest begins at 9:00:00 AM Pacific Time (“PT”) on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 and ends 9:00:00 AM PT on Monday February 11, 2013

From World of Luka

classic pieces.  accessible luxury.  forward-thinking.



img_9450Following a very successful first show in New York, under the direction of PROJECT President Tommy Fazio,  THE TENTS @ PROJECT, is set to debut February 19, 2013, to MAGIC MARKET WEEK in Las Vegas.

Create.  Curate.  Connect.

img_8744…Is the focus of THE TENTS@ PROJECT  by presenting a strong vision of the American fashion marketplace, bringing together the most influential, high-end, contemporary and dual-gender brands, retailers, and press outlets in the contemporary community.

img_8133Interconnected by Innovation, and a modern, visionary, artistic approach to fashion and design, THE TENTS @PROJECT also offers a live trend forecast that retailers can shop, while attendees as they are encouraged to engage and explore in a compelling new environment directly connected to the PROJECT floor.

img_8139Top tier names such as Billy Reid, Todd Snyder, and GANT Rugger will join this exclusive event which promises to transform any preconception of a tradeshow format. New brands to THE TENTS @PROJECT include: Michael Bastian, Bespoken, Todd Snyder + Champion, Edun, Robert Geller Seconds, Grayers, Ian Velardi, J. Lindeberg, Kent & Curwen, Raleigh Denim, and Jardine, amongst others.
ABOUT PROJECT: Held bi-annually in New York and Las Vegas, PROJECT is the worlds preeminent contemporary fashion trade event, encompassing PROJECT, THE TENTS @ PROJECT, PROJECT MVMNT and PROJECT MENSWEAR. Bringing expertise and relevance to the global fashion industry through a highly merchandised approach, PROJECT creates destinations where innovation, commerce and service converge. For more information, please visit

Project Runway Season 8 Aftermath: The Christopher Collins That Was Is and Will Be

Tatyana Ali wears Christopher CollinsWhat’s HOT Now!

Apart from being a Project Runway Season 8 finalist…apart from launching in 2008 with a premium women’s sportswear line made of the utmost quality, luxury, high fashion and femininity…apart from the fact that he used to create the gorgeous womanly beauty of one of my favorite LA Fashion Week designers Dina Bar El, it seems Christopher Collins is ready for more fashion forward!

“To make someone feel beautiful, fresh, natural and new,” is his philosophy and apparently that suited Tatyana Ali who posed recently in the new collection at SiriusXM Studio in New York City, while promoting her new BET show, Second Generation Wayans. The actress wore her Christopher Collins™ Brown Moto Leggings.

It’s just easy to wear and fits the Spring 2013 trends of chic simplicity.  Crafted from fine fabrics from Italy, France and Japan, Christopher Collins gets a thumbs up from Gia On The Move.  Those of you in New York, benefit the most with 15 nearby stores to Brooklyn, Manhattan & Long Island.  San Fran and Palm Desert too and plenty of cities in between.  Check the website for more locals.  Ring them up to get the look and pricing.


The Model Critic Reviews: Tarantella: Spider Dance at Theatre for the New City, New York

Reviewed by Carlos Stafford, The Model Critic
In popular culture the Tarantella is mostly associated with a high spirited, Italian folk dance performed at wedding celebrations, or perhaps more formally, in a character dance for ballet along with mazurkas, polkas, and other traditional festive fare. Who can forget the Michael Corleone wedding scene in the Godfather 1?
Forget all that! Alessandra Belloni’s Spider Dance takes her audience on a spectacular historical, hypnotic, and soul-liberating trance dance experience as she traces the origins of the Tarantella and its myths and evolutions.
Beginning in Greece, Aracne, the beautiful princess, who weaves the most beautiful and skilled linens of all, challenges Athena, goddess of love, to a weaving contest. When Aracne wins, Athena in her fury, destroys the linen and rips it into a thousand pieces. Aracne, humiliated, hangs herself.  Athena, then out of pity, transforms her into a spider, condemning her to weave her web forever.

“Rarely on stage does a choreographer get to the heart of the matter like Alessandra Belloni. “

From Greece we move to Southern Italy where the bite of the taranti, or little spider, would send working women of the fields into fits of convulsive dance to rid the body of the poisons.  They were know as tarantate, and others would join in the frenzied dance that could last for days. They danced the Pizzica Tarantata (bite of love) that would evolve into a Dionysian cathartic revel, purging victims of  the poisons within–sexual repression, social mistreatment, abuse, depression. Or similarly, as Blake poetically wrote, the mind-forged manacles imposed on oneself from within and without.
The performance conjures up caravans of gypsies, witches, and shamans at orgiastic gatherings, from Greece, Italy, French Basque country, to present day Brazil; all with the repetitive driving beat of the tarantella–tambourines, flutes, piccolos, wild techno violin, and  plaintive chanting.  The dancers respond to the quick and energetic trance music with the basic tarantella steps of hops, spins, and skips, but weave them into wild writhing on the floor as the music intensifies, and demons are released. Francesca Silvano was especially enchanting as Arianna, as she performed most of the dances with wild sensuality and grace. This is clearly not a social outing at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Ms. Belloni incorporates so many electrifying elements of movement, an aerialist, a fire-twirling performance, Death, portrayed on stilts, capoeira, and authentic period costumes.
Rarely on stage does a choreographer get to the heart of the matter like Alessandra Belloni.  You are reminded of primitive fertility dances of Africa; of sun-worshiping dances of the Incas during spring plantings; of the Sufi’s Whirling Dervishes, invoking and blending with all things in universal rotation; of the ancient Balinese gamelan and dancers, along with the sound of the gong to communicate with the  gods; to even the Shakers, and “shake and the word will be revealed.”  All these examples of elemental dances that we could call trance dances, of worship, of liberation, of connection.
The tarantella, of course, morphed into a courtship dance, then a dance of celebration. Naples, Calabria, and Sicily are have versions to the ancient underpinnings as the tradition continues.  Alessandra actually has her 13th Annual Workshop “Rhythm is the Cure,” August 19-26, 2013, in Italy, focusing on the origins of the Tarantella as a healing trance dance of purification, and Southern Italian tambourine workshops among other offerings. When you consider how many classical musical composers used the same elements of the tanrantella in their work–Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, etc–you begin to see the deep influence that this music and dance has inspired throughout the ages.  Her performance is like no other in its originality and content, and she strikes a deep chord of truth.


Theater for the New City, New York
I Giullari Di Piazza
Choreography by Alessandra Belloni
No More Performances

Happy Face Sad Face at the Elephant Lillian Theatre: Gia On The Move Reviews

HFSF- Tom Christensen, Perry Smith, Thomas F. Evans
by Tracey Paleo, Gia On the Move


The world premiere of Happy Face Sad Face, currently playing at The Elephant Lillian Theatre, is a brilliant idea very much in search of balance.

Is Life a comedy or a drama?  Happy Face Sad Face via a simple concept in two acts proposes that it is both at the same time, by presenting the identical story told from polar opposite perspectives.

It is a rainy night…two distressed couples appear in turn, in their separate quarters: Jason (Tom Christiensen) and Emily Parks (Krizia Bajos) in one room, and Jason’s parents, Tom (Thomas F. Evans) and Sonya Parks (Perry Smith) in another.   Emily wants a baby. Jason claims there isn’t enough money.  He’s been giving her this excuse for years and she’s fed up.  Tom and Sonya are losing their house.  How do they confess this to their seemingly successful son, and ask for money to pay the mortgage?  The house is in turmoil when suddenly there is a knock at the door.  Jason’s insurance client Malcolm Summerall (Rob Locke) has come to ask for Jason’s help in killing himself so that his daughter Clementine (Sarah Agor) can benefit from his policy.  Emily Parks calls the cops and the more than seedy Officer Burns (Eddie Alfano) responds on the scene and Cleme barges in to stop her dad.  All hell is about to break loose however, when Mr. Summerall  sweetens the deal by offering a substantial reward to the person or couple who comes up with the most air tight way to do it.  What ensues is a revalatory game of Clue with an ending that certainly satisfies.

“Mr. Locke is deliciously and successfully perverse…”

Act II, the Happy Face, on the other hand, is a completely farcical and humorous alternative tale.  It is a “scream” with plenty of salaciousness and more than its fair share of guff. Only problem is, it ends up having nothing to do whatsoever with Act I.

What starts out as a comedic interchange, off-the-wall dramedy, bumped up by an inventive use of poetic line vignettes and over the top characters completely retrofit in diametrically opposed personalities, all but Ms. Bajos it seems who merely has turned up the volume as the hateful Spanish speaking unwanted wife, rolls out into a theatrical fiasco.  By the end of it all, we are definitely laughing but not really sure what story this is.

Although this play gets airborne it never truly blasts off.  At times it is inventive and at others, it’s pretty formula stuff.  There is so much wonderful writing and it should be electrifying.  Somehow, though, in Act I, emotionally nothing really, deeply, registers except through our driving lead actor Rob Locke (Summerall) who is deliciously and successfully perverse in his scheme.  Mr. Locke’s Act I performance is exquisitely pulled back revealing nothing of the outcome until the bitter end.  Perry Smith also outdoes herself in Act II with an outrageous execution of the now, fun loving, sadomasochistic, Mrs. Parks managing to not get lost in the “everything but the comedic kitchen  soup” of the second act.

The radiant achievements in this show, bar none, are the set, lighting, and wonderfully realistic sound effects of portentous rain and thunder, at the top of the first act.

Highly creative set design, and excellent use of space are accomplished through scrims that, with intense lighting effects, reveal the various rooms around the house creating a solid first and second floor home design that gives the plausibility of room, distance and realism.  Real life actually takes place here.

Overall, Happy Face Sad Face, is an audience pleaser due, in no small part, to the dedicated performances of the cast.  But it does not completely fulfill its task of drawing the “half-empty/half-full” point.


NOW PLAYING: January 19 – February 24

Written by R.J. Colleary * Directed by Kathleen Rubin

Produced by Russell Boast
Technical Director & Lighting Designer: Matt Richter
Set Designer: Keiko Moreno


Tom Christensen
Krizia Bajos
Thomas F. Evans
Perry Smith
Rob Locke
Eddie Alfano
Sarah Danielle Agor

6322 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA. 90038

Sat, Jan 19 – Sun, Feb 24
Friday & Saturday 8:00PM
Sunday 3:00PM and 7:00PM
NOTE: Super Bowl Sunday – 12:00PM – Feb. 3

For Reservations call (323) 960-7770
General Admission:  $20.00
Reserve ONLINE at:
Full price tickets available at:
Production Photography by Randolph Adams