by Tracey Paleo~

ABroken Anchor Satelliteustin Hartley-Leonard has wanted to play the Satellite in Silver Lake for the last six years.  He finally made it on Saturday, December 1, 2012 opening up for Trixie Whitley.

Oozing the kind of raw iconic masculine sex appeal reminiscent of Rock & Rollers, back in the days when girls called boys, “dreamy”, the music of Broken Anchor was full of an impossible amount of variety, poetry and longing.  It was sound to make you swoon built into a gutsy performance by Austin accompanied by perfectly in sync, percussive drummer Mike Duffy (rocks my world!), that truly got the audience to their feet.

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It might have just been that I was standing in front of a speaker but I doubt it.  Guitar and drums were a one-two punch that hit me right in the chest.  And when Austin sang my heart felt squeezed, pulled and played out. (Austin also plays two and three string bass – he is classically trained.)

Hands down the best music I’ve heard all year from a live band.  One of the funnier moments of the evening was Austin’s spontaneous pants split which drew one of the bigger audience shout outs during the set. (lol)

Not so surprising was the large number of guy fans (in addition to the girls who honed in on the stage).  Austin’s magic plays right to the heart of males everywhere.  “A man’s man.”  Tough, straight talking and honest, there is a distinctively charming brashness about him that registers and lands full throttle.

But really his verse is about Love.  And if you are looking for passionate sensitivity, you have come to the right place.

Check out part of the live performance:

Broken Anchor’s music has been compared to Wilco and Fleet Foxes.  But it could be said that where their sounds are comparatively alike, the similarities are also the crossroads where they differ and split.

Austin Hartley-Leonard definitely has a cool, smooth, ethereal quality in his voice and melody, but there is a grounded, sturdiness to it as well.  It’s not airy or breathy.  He never steps back behind the music, but rather moves with ease right through it and forward with it. It is expressive, heart-string pulling sound that envelopes and embraces.  You feel EVERYTHING right along with him.

After what Austin Hartley-Leonard has self-described as a painful breakup of his former solo singer-songwriter self (tongue-twister unintended), he seems to have uniquely re-created an intense synergy with Broken Anchor along with drummer Mike Duffy and producer Brad Gordon.  It is magic and it feels SO GOOD!

They will be back on 12/18 at Silverlake Lounge and in 2013 on the East Coast starting in February with a first stop in New York City travelling North.  Check their website for Show Dates, free downloads, and other info!

Checkout the Broken Anchor Facebook page:

Photo Credit: Tonatiuh Hernandez    

Video: Gia On The Move