Just in time for Halloween…This Toronto based comedy script group called Nocturnal Emissions has proclaimed, “The Scary Movie series sucks.  THIS is how you spoof a horror movie! Check out their website for more: http://nocturnalemissions.ca/

Just plain weird…All the way from Indonesia [Chris] sent us this Happy Dent gum maker video.  The video features chin mouth people and is hilariously strange. With the breakout success of Gangam Style we can’t  agree more that language doesn’t really matter with amusing videos.

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Photo Credit WIGSCO, LLC

Premiering this Saturday, October 27… A behind-the-lens look at Danielle Levitt, acclaimed NYC photographer known for her vibrant and cutting-edge images that straddle the worlds of fashion, art, and popular culture. Her subjects: include Mark Wahlberg, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jon Stewart, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Stone and Katy Perry.

Danielle is now the subject of a new documentary titled Danielle, on WIGS, the YouTube channel built around compelling, provocative stories centered around women. Ironically, the doc mirrors one of WIGS’ scripted series, Jan, which has more than 2.1 million views and stars Virginia Madsen (Sideways), as a world famous celebrity photographer.

Photo Credit WIGSCO, LLC

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