Amongst the many, many happenings in Los Angeles, the Ovation Award Nominees (Theatre) announced a couple of weeks ago and offered just the right spirit to give a nod to a few shows I never got to talk about. Sometimes there is too much going on in the week. Apologies aside, everything is worth a shout out, so here goes…

Love Rock Soul Power

Rock musicals are the new heir apparent operas and in that vein Spring Awakening brilliantly produced this year at the Hayworth Theatre in Los Angeles, CA, by Topher Rhys, James Lee Barnard and Nathan Gardner, attempted to tackle the issues of the day with yet another updated version of an old story as old as time and Teen Angst.  Puberty although arguably ridiculous at times, is serious business in any generation.  This Spring Awakening brought it down to its simplicity, kids against parents, parents against students, everyone against the moral fabric fighting in their own way through the toughness of life mixed with innocence, curiosity, delight and revolution, managing to tap into that thing we call the zeitgeist, evidenced by the completely full houses of young and old, hip and frumpy, gay and straight peeps alike.  It was a show for everyone.  One could say that LOVE CONQUERS ALL but it doesn’t prevent natural hormonal impulse, suicide, bad parenting, teen pregnancy or malicious teachers from messing with our already confusing lives.  In fact it’s pretty painful.  In the end, our own strength and will, our actions and our own decisions that we make for ourselves get us to center.  Bravo! LOVE IS LOUDER!

Lovers and Other Strangers

On the other hand the new musical Overcome Overjoyed which showcased briefly at the El Portal Theatre, in North Hollywood, CA, offered its own take on more adult themes of loss, love , violence, betrayal and forgiveness.  In this parent trap of pain and misunderstanding emerges a slightly stinging glint of sun in the eyes of a person who has finally removed his dark glasses bringing about a multi-spectrum of ecstatic self-revelation and color blossoming with life.  The moral:  You really need to pay attention to your kids.  They might surprise you!

Former Madonna Dancer, Hubbard Street of Chicago Principal and actor, Carlton Wilborn, sings up a storm surrounded by a cast of incredibly young budding song and dance talents.  Supported by a gorgeous although in progress sounding musical score and original story by seasoned writer-director Charlia Boyer of Charo Productions ( Why oh Why were there only 3 shows!  It’s only getting better.

Here’s what Carlton had to say:

The experience of working on Overcome Overjoyed!, this time around, is proving, for me, to not only be about sharing a slice of Inspirational soul-food for our audience to absorb. But, that, I myself, am also being elevated to a new level of spiritual growth, through the process of building this most divine, and entertaining show.

A Big Thank You…goes out to the productions, writer, producer, co-director and female lead Charlia Boyer and the co-director Christopher Richards!

Check out some of the super talents in this live performance:


TREASURE HUNTING… has been filled with surprising little finds.

This past Saturday I was invited to preview the very rare open showroom event with Studio City’s (LA) tiny, buzzy, back room, shopping secret, Haylee Winard.  “Call Me!” she says, and really means it.  And she’ll even throw in her EXCESS BAGGAGE to get you date, office or red carpet ready.  Only one day before the Grammy’s and the girls were flitting over sheer panels and soft sweaters, edgy jackets and glam black minis.  Excessively California chic, there is nothing second class on the racks and you can buy it all on line – if you’re lucky you might even get to be one of Haylee’s many select Los Angeles clients whose closets hail some of the best of the “au currant.”  Shoppers at this “old school” style showroom will have to compete with other stylists and fashionistas – and For Love and Lemons, NO RIPPING ALLOWED! visit:

To give the event an extra boost was the ultimate accessory boutique boasting funky, fun, and on-trend styles at the best possible prices from designers such as Noir, Ettika, Luv AJ, CC SKYE, Sugarbean, and many more.

OH HELL YEAH! I was getting my limited edition numbered poster

for the 2012 TARFEST Music and Art Festival this weekend sponsored by KCRW and Launch LA, featuring my most favorite gallery in Los Angeles.  Thank you Merry Karnowsky.  Live painting by four painters who have the LA graffiti art scene by the “skin of its imagination!” – Greg (Craola) Simkins, Johnny (KMNDZ) Rodriguez, Soft Swells and Van Saro.

Excavating Future Culture on the Miracle Mile!!!