Paola Suhonen Ivana Helsinki fashionImagination has firmly taken hold of Ivana Helsinki, as lead designer Paola Suhonen creates and curates the family owned, eco-friendly, independent art, fashion, cinema brand with a premiere of the new Autumn-Winter 2012-2013 collection, Friday, September 14th, 2012 from 7-10pm at the New York City Concept Store located at 251 Elizabeth Street (between E. Houston and Prince).

Started as a personal art project by Suhonen, Ivana Helsinki has since evolved into a way of living.  The mix of past and present has infused her style and she considers each collection like a small charming ballad reminiscent of times

gone by when wild spontaneity ruled the day, when friends got together for simple evenings by the fire with hors d’oeuvres and a bit of wine just to chat; the comfort of company; freedom in the moment.

It is an unusual, cultural approach, completely tactile in feel and definitively wearable.  Every garment is a one of a kind art piece, special, plush, in its individuality and youthful style that absolutely goes beyond trend.

Earlier this spring, Gia On The Move was invited to preview the Autumn-Winter 2012 collection at the Bollare Showroom in West Hollywood, CA on a warm breezy, afternoon, that already had its own sort of wild Nordic call to nature.

A miniature labyrinth of clothing racks and accessories transformed the back room with radiance and color; it was as if I had stepped into a film.

Immediately noticeable was how exquisitely light spectrum had been translated inside the darkness of colors and non-colors alike to reflect and refract like the lens of a camera, Suhonen’s own personal perspective right into the detailed prints and fabrics. Even tones and temperatures bordering on “cool” emanated delicious warmth.

As we watched the short movies filmed by Paola in the actual home of her parents’ Finnish abode, showcasing the fashions worn by girls of  her native Helsinki, she explained to me that the “feel” was absolutely “on purpose.”

Wearers of this brand will want to make a special place in their closets for any piece of this purely beautiful collection.