Chinatown Summer Nights dancing dowtown Los Angeles

This is how it ended…

Bowl of rice still standing after a tasty dinner at FONG's, Chinatown, L.A.  Photo by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move
Dinner at Foo Chow’s in Chinatown, downtown Los Angeles

But it started off with a Spontaneity RULES! determination to catch the MiXTAPE Los Angeles Pop Up exhibition curated BY Jessicka Addams & Brian Wakil, “LISTEN & LOOK, 24 artists, 24 songs, ONE stream of consciousness.

Mechanical Man by KRK Ryden inspired by DEVO

 “LA MiXTAPE documents the effect of music on the process of creation, asking each participating artist to create a piece titled after a song, artist, or band that has inspired or influenced his/her creative process – until August 28th at LeBasse Projects Chinatown at 932 Chung King Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90012.

But then, I wandered the colorfully lit courtyards, and decided to go shopping…in the dark… at 9:30pm (of course!) which is when I accidentally ran into the girls from DLE Cosmetics. These glam ladies enthusiastically demonstrated and subsequently convinced me that I needed not one but three All Natural LightUp Lip Glosses.  (Guys take note. The sell men’s lip balm too!)

But it was KCRW DJs Jason Bentley, Anthony Valdez, Jeremy Sole, Valida & Aaron Byrd who pulled out all the stops with a Chinatown Summer Nights dance party on the final night of a 3 night immersion of art, culture, food & music!



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