HFF12: Mission To Mate

MIssion to Mate Hollywood Fringe Festival plays

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

The following review originally appeared at L.A. Theatre Review

Authentically funny with truly original dialog, scenarios and setups, Mission to Mate written and directed by Collin Mitchell hits a home run in the score board of totally absurd romance. It is a trilogy of rituals, driven by the sometimes pungent, often lusty and forceful powerhouse, actress Alla Poberesky, and the adorably, often squeamish reactionary bits, phrases and constant entreats of actor, Michael Sanchez, where there is so much role reversal that one cannot always tell who is on the mission or if either is ready to mate. And yet, mating does occur in the most awkwardly surprising and hilarious ways turning the idea, of courting, coquetting and copulating on its head and inside out.

If only a bit disconnected at the beginning, in a too large of a stage (the spaciousness was great but would have also done well in a smaller room), and low sound quality for the opening music, it is impressively mounted and exhibited with the barest minimum of set design, endowed with well-thought out choreographic play, that gets better and better with each enterprise.

A real triumph for Mitchell and his cast.

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