by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

In the darkly comedic, Orwellian pseudo soap, D is for Dog, presented by Rogue Artists Ensemble, we live in a futuristic vision of our 1950’s past, interspersed by Aunt Jemima breakfast commercials, Betty Crocker cake mixes, and Maxwell House Coffee that’s perfect every cup, every time, mechanically on schedule, on cue.

It’s hysterically funny watching post apocalyptic, Stepford wife, Mrs. Rogers bounce around the kitchen creating the marvelously beautiful lives they all live – administering to her family the little clear pills that “give us the pep in our step,”  giving us the first clue that things are “not exactly right.”

Life may seem perfect but Mr. Rogers has a dangerous secret.  He has been dabbling with the forbidden past against the knowledge and permission of the “Corporation” – a government agency that provides everyone with everything and insidiously controls every aspect of their lives.

But nature starts to rebel from the perfection as the pills slowly stop working.  Real human emotions emerge, little Jane is getting more and more uncontrollable and excited and Dick is starting to understand the truth.  Mrs. Rogers is getting sick, and their mini universe begins to fail as another outside reality of planet earth suddenly steps in to reveal the incongruence of their existence, through the computer generated screens of their lives.

Surprising, suspenseful, thrilling and well – “perfect”, D is for Dog is an embodiment of edgy, ensemble theatre.  This production is superbly gifted by highly choreographed stage direction, excellent costumes, and peerless lighting effects, writing, delivery and puppetry.

Written and developed by Katie Polebaum, Sean T. Cawelti and Rogue Artists Ensemble using Rogue Artists’ signature Hyper-theatrical style