by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Complex simplicity or simple complexity? No matter how you look at, see it, hear it, feel it or experience it, there’s just no getting around it – relationships, are what they are. The Hollywood Fringe previews opened on Friday, June 8th with First Love /Worst Love a new 45 minute, hintingly, existentialistic examination of tragically ridiculous amor. Enlivened by music, movement, illusion, regret, joy, anger, sexuality, gender perspectives and intention this first showing of this production attempts to offer what all of us can identify with when it comes to love.  I will do everything different the next time.  Repetitious dialogs speak naively in human voices: “I will be a better listener” “I will not pause” “I will try heels and tats, just not at the same time.”  When relationships are over we are faced with what we could have done better in order to stay in love.  Born from writer Rebecca Cox’s minutelovestories blog, a project of her 200-word original love stories, First Love/Worst Love is an adaptation of 12 contemporary vignettes that tap into the humor of heartbreak and the mutability of just being human.  Organic movement choreography by Director/Producer Julie Civiello. Overall, a stylistically light but interesting reworking of real experience adapted for stage.

Co-Produced by Ben Pollack
Featuring: Hayley J. Williams, Len Davies, Maggie Lehman, Seth Burnham and Anna Moon.