seitcon alensAliens are exceptionally well represented at the local multiplex this spring.  Hostile invaders, tipped off by an overly enthusiastic broadcast from Earth, try to sink a lot of naval hardware in “Battleship;” domestic extraterrestrials give headaches to urbane government agents in “Men in Black III;” and fans of the “Alien” films finally get the back story of Ridley Scott’s toothy terror in the famous director’s prequel, “Prometheus.”

“The science fiction genre has been enormously popular for decades, and the cutting-edge of research in astronomy and exobiology is a gold mine for Hollywood screenwriters.

men in black at SETIcon 2012The creative minds who fill movies and TV shows with angry aliens will soon be defending their vision of these extraterrestrial antagonists at SETIcon, a public event, featuring a celebrity banquet and a host of scientific speakers sponsored by the SETI Institute, where the public can rub elbows with the innovators and leaders in the quest to find life in the universe.

This is not a science conference with technical lectures, nor Comic-Con, or another Star Trek type conventions.  SETIcon will create a new channel of discussion between Earthlings where real science and imagination will meet.

SETIcon will take place June 22 through 24 at the Santa Clara Hyatt Hotel, and will feature a celebrity banquet honoring Jill Tarter.


The mission of the SETI Institute is to explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe.  The SETI Institute is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to scientific research, education and public outreach. For more information,  650-961-6633.