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DC Shoes Women Fall 2012 skateboarding

Written by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Styles trends are bustin’ out all over.  And for Summer and especially Fall,  DC SHOES is about to give some of us our walking/skateboarding papers. Because if you think that nobody walks in LA, well think again.  Leading the pack will be advanced tweeners and twenty-somethings alike on four wheels swooshing across Sunset, Melrose, Vine and Cahuenga showing off updated, grownup, coolness.  We may have graduated from the Valley ‘dude’, but we’ll never leave it behind!

What more could a busy blogger who loves to travel on foot and on bicycle to arts and culture events, major shopping destinations and dance classes want, but an uber chill pair of footwear that officially nominates her to that hip street culture of gravel surfers who just know what’s hot and what’s not.

Which is why it was so much fun hanging out with DC Shoes designers and die-hards this week getting an outrageous China Glaze neon manicure (mini-hearts included), a trendy hair-braid updo by stylist Sheenon of Nine Zero One Salon, and eating my very own Unicorn Strawberry Jam Glitter Cupcake (well, I AM a girl!) during the DC Shoes preview event at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. I love my new duds!

Being fairly new to the DC Shoes brand myself, it was no surprise to discover that it has, for years, been a favored insignia for skateboarders, snowboarders, BMXers and other extreme sports-o-holics.  Origins being in unique T-shirts for skaters in the west, it’s popularity managed over the years to infiltrate east coast (and everywhere else) tweens, boys and girls alike, until eventually it marked its own superiority as a technical (skateboarding) shoe specialist.

What’s different now is that DC has decided to expand it’s territory and start catering a bit more to the dedicated girl fans of the brand who, according to popular Hollywood fashion blogger Dana Johnson of www.wordsfromtherunway.com, traditionally wore boy’s skate clothing anyway, there being no real alternatives in the early days.

This latest phase is a definite stride in the understanding of what it means to grow up with a brand.  Sufficiently sophisticated in design, there is never-the-less more than just an ode to the young-uns’, who really brought the line up.  And now as they’ve being ‘growing up,’ DC is offering its eternally youthful veterans a way to stay young and current without having to get stuck in the ‘good old days,’ designing a less logo driven clothing line and more than just colorful sneakers.  In fact, what you will see this Fall are super below the knee, two toned boots, multi-layered, mixed fabric hoodies and edgy prints with a bit more detail and attention to the small stuff like the stitching.  What you won’t see is a leap to over-the-top fashion designs that take the line to another universe altogether.  The DC Women’s ‘experiment’ intends on keeping it’s strong cultural tenure of extreme comfort, simplicity and bottom line skater friendly grey faded fabrics.

Must haves to watch out for:  Apache, Sioux and Camanche Dresses, Reno Hooded sleeveless tunics and an all-blogger agreed upon favorite, The Deadwood Knit Tanktop with Fringe (Available after June 2012).  

Check out the Summer Swag I got to take home!

Just in time for Summer, DC Shoes handed off some super swag bag items to get me through Memorial Day and beyond.  Starting with a backless dress, jean shoulder pocketbook with matching purse and brown sandals to match.

Added bonuses were the cosmetics and hair styling products by Unite – 7Seconds  Dry Shampoo, Tricky Lite Finishing Spray and Argan Oil for taming fly-aways and creating luxurious hair.

Stila Lip Glazes – Chocolate, Creme Bouquet and Apricot

Blushington’s Blending Sponge for blending and applying makeup

Killer neon nail lacquers by China Glaze plus a fast dry top coat and get up and go Nail Tech Crystal File for perfect nails anywhere in colors:  Yellow Polka Dot Bikini and Tree Hugger

And finally, two gifts from Ardell – lightweight Fashion Lashes and Power Up professionals

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