Ode to Crandon Boulevard

Artist Franz Klainsek tentatively put pen to paper for the very first time in 2010.  This little story was his first exercise in a creative writing class we both attended, taught by prolific writer, producer, actress, Fielding Edlow.  He wasn’t sure that writing was for him or that he had any actual talent for it. He just knew he wanted to be able to tell stories.  Upon hearing his reading in class, every person in the room nearly fell off their seats.  It was so special, so nostalgically beautiful and painful at the same time. I had to share it.
Sometimes, a person’s work is so heartfelt that one can only give it away to the world.  And so with his permission I post the writer’s poetic goodbye, a powerful remembrance of his childhood stomping ground.
The Street I Grew Up On
by Franz Klainsek
The street I grew up on is Crandon Boulevard a street I know like the back of my hand.
It is filled with all you need from pizza at a Dollar and a quarter to a bookstore for that book that will guide me thru that freakin science project.
The Street I grew up on couldn’t get rid of my bicycle tire marks even if it was cleaned daily from now til the day I die.
Ah those rides down Crandon with a smile that makes my cheeks hurt just thinking about it.
The street I grew up on.
Hmmmm that left turn I remember it as if it was yesterday.
Ah if I could go back I’ll be more patient with you red light.
Palm trees Palm Trees and more Palm Trees. Give me that coconut.
Coconut I still love you til this day.
Ah I think of the transformation they have done to you but I will never forget your natural beauty. Real beauty.
Those mangrove trees with all who live there some not my style but even you I miss.
You are all trapped in my heart just like I trapped you Mr. Racoon that day with the Milky Way bar. Haha.
The street I grew up on. Tattooed in my heart as permanent as the Truth on my arm.
Ah now I am filled with the pain I’ve felt on that street I grew up on.
But to you I hold no harsh feelings.
You were there for me to share all my experiences good, bad and all the rest.
From Death of my grandfather to life of my brother the street I grew up on has seen it all.
Blood Tears Drama drama drama. Oh Im sorry you’ve had to see such horrific sights.
Blood was never the intention love is my truth.
Thru and thru I love you Crandon Blvd I truly do I will never stop Loving you.  Love is all I feel for you.
Although you were the setting for much more you have no blame.
I love thee I love me I love that I was destined to experience all that I did on that Crandon Blvd.
Crandon Blvd not sure what Crandon means but rest assured I will soon find out.
I love and respect thee always.
Bye Crandon Boulevard.

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